Have You Heard: MLMA

If you’ve hung out with me at least once, you’re well aware of the friendship I’ve been manifesting with Post Malone. I was embarrassingly excited to see some insta lovin between him and Korean artist MLMA. Disappointed that I hadn’t discovered her art sooner, I went on a serious melovemealot binge and here’s what you should hear:

With 11 singles on Spotify, I found my favorites of MLMA very quickly. In all honesty, it was her art on Instagram that left me speechless (hence a feature on wordless Wednesday hehe). Melovemealot’s art aesthetic is like no other and I greatly appreciate her use of color and animation. If you’re wondering which songs you should listen to while scrolling through her feed, I have your back.

1 Good Life – with Aiza

The first song I saved by MLMA quickly became my favorite. This sugar baby anthem is sweet and catchy. If you’re not totally tuned in to the lyrics, it could go right over your head that she’s really saying some sh*t. Despite the message, this song is one of those “I’m going for a morning stroll cause the sun is shining and I’m feeling good” tunes.

2 Effect

MLMA and her cat really did it on this beat. Easily a favorite, I have this song in a few playlists just cause I like it that much. The vibes are definitely out of this world and I can understand it’s not for everyone but you should still listen to it all the way through at least once for the kitty.

3 Sweetie

I’d imagine this song is in like every baddie playlist ever, cause I know it’s in all of mine. Sweetie is the MLMA song for that bitch, after all who makes that money worth it? Also the cover art for this single is iconic and I’d love to attempt to remake it. You know what they say, imitation is the most sincere for of flattery.

4 Do You Love Me?

Despite occasionally not understanding what she’s saying, you can usually catch me listening to this song while checking my email; I enjoy the sweet, soft melody. After reading a few posts about Posty ghosting her, I can only imagine MLMA singing this song to him. But really, do you love me? 🎶

Which of these is your favorite song by MLMA?

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Check out her dope Insta account ~ @melovemealot

cheers to finding new favorite, xxo Bri

p.s. did you see yesterday’s newsletter ?? it was all about you(;

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