Celebrating Bri Cuz, I Said So at 100 Posts!

Hello sunshine, today is a good day 🙂

16 months, 100 posts, 42,093 words later, and here we are. From a shop to sell my art to a podcast allowing me to drink even more coffee, a YouTube channel I almost stopped myself from starting out of fear, and the endless amount of friendships that have formed from starting this digital collection; I have nothing but appreciation and gratitude for all Bri Cuz, I Said So has brought into my life.

Today I write this post with a smile on my face; looking back at all the breaks I thought would keep me from reaching this goal, the times I considered quitting from frustration of not having a clear niche or theme, the nights I dreamt of what I would make if I could stop being afraid – those moments helped mold me into the woman I am today.

After starting my first blog 5 years ago, I quickly learned to attach shame to the title of “blogger”. I felt embarrassed, insecure, and extremely unsure of what I was even doing. Multiple attempts finally lead me to create the digital collection we know and love today, Bri Cuz I Said So. I discovered that in addition to being a (proud) blogger, I truly am so much more. The past two years of content creation and life in general have helped me grow so much and learn to appreciate the journey rather than continue to rush to my destination.

Two years ago, I dreamed of going on trips and writing about them; searched everywhere for the confidence to create the content I wanted; removed myself from a toxic environment and let go of a life I was trying to force.

Last year I was traveling solo for the first time; finding my voice and playing around with different art styles; learning self care and the power of positivity; dreaming of moving somewhere I wanted to be and unlearning destructive behaviors.

This year I quit a full time job that kept me from sharing the adult content I enjoy making (sorry mom and dad); entered a healthy and loving relationship which lead to a big move to a new city; began to study my spiritual connection to the universe and discovered my power.

I am a writer, content creator, photographer, blogger, vlogger, marketer, friend, teacher, learner, painter, singer, musician, comedian, poet, story teller…well you see, the list goes on.

Thank you one hundred times to the people who have read my blog from the beginning to those of you reading for the first time today. Thank you to my family, my love, and friends for being extremely supportive and engaging with my work; you helped me find comfort in being myself. There is not greater feeling than the one that accompanies a friendly voice saying, “I read your post….,” it truly means the world. Thank you to the sun and the moon and Milo for keeping me company all the days I spent locked in my room making this magic happen. Thank the universe I am able to live a life of creation, discovery, and expression.

Unfortunately due to COVID, I’ve been spending more time at home thinking up creative ideas to get off the ground as a content creator. If this post inspired you, feel free to share it to help me continue to make my dreams come true. Additionally, if you’re an up and coming artist experiencing set backs currently, I’d love to work with you and promote your work; send me an email or comment below!

Support a young artist and buy me a coffee!

As this year comes to an end and my WordPress subscription expiration date approaches, I’ll be posting an update soon on what I plan to do with my content in the new year. Have you heard of Medium? It’s the platform I’m considering sharing written content to. Let me know what you think in the comments!!

Here are all the places you can enjoy more content from me, Bri(:

If We Were Having Coffee | Newsletter

We’re Having Coffee | Podcast

Bri Cuz, I Said So Channel | Youtube

Instagram // Twitter // Pinterest // Tumblr | @bricuzisaidso

b Savage 699 | OnlyFans

I’m super curious; what has been your favorite post?? Please comment below!(:

cheers to 100 more creations from Bri Cuz, I Said so, xxo Bri

p.s. if i didn’t tell you yet today, i appreciate you ❣️

7 thoughts on “Celebrating Bri Cuz, I Said So at 100 Posts!

    1. I appreciate you so much, I will definitely take you up on that should we ever find ourselves in the same part of the world one day!!! It means so much to have a writer I admire react to my work, thank goodness this blog has lead our paths to cross.
      The reason I started my blog was to connect with others, this really is a dream come true.


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