Have You Heard: EKLIPSE

Not even ten minutes ago when I sat down at my laptop, I decided to make the most of this Wordless Wednesday by listening to only wordless music during work today. When doing blog work, I prefer silence or instrumental music since songs with words make me wanna sing and can be very distracting. I’ve also been feeling a little stuck in the music I’ve been listening to the past few weeks so this was the perfect opportunity to find something new!

After playing a few radios on Spotify, I finally found one that sounded like today’s mood at the office ( aka dining room table) where I stumbled on EKLIPSE; a string quartet band that covers an array of genres.

What turned me into their newest fan was their cover of Clocks by Coldplay (and dope cover art); a group of baddies with string instruments. How could you not be on board? This string quartet to me is the classical music version of Nasty Cherry (one of my other favorite allwomen bands). Ideally, a collab between the two would make me the happiest person.

The four women who make up this band are Felicitas Fischbein, Maline Zickow, Ida Philipp, and Linda Laukamp; they originated after meeting at a music festival in Russia.
Aside from original works created this band also creates classical interpretations of contemporary music of many genres.

Here are a few other songs that’ll be playing today:

Socially Awkward – Kiefer

Euphoria – Aurora B.Polaris

Monday Loop – Tomppabeats

Comment your favorite instrumental or beat to listen to when you’re focusing at work to help keep this Wordless Wednesday playlist growing!

cheers to good music, xo Bri

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