7 Day Gratitude Challenge + Template

One obstacle many faced during the tough transitions of COVID was the ability to feel grateful. Gloom and sickness spread like wildfire around the world and despite some places reopening, in the back of our minds is ~ wtf is happening/will happen. In the rough of it all, it can be extremely tough to find any good side to look to. During those moments, you shouldn’t force the positivity. Feel your pain, grief, anxiety fully. When you are ready to control your feelings and transition that negative energy into something positive ~ practice giving gratitude.

Something that‘s helped me during this tough time was a simple 7 day gratitude challenge. Wanna try it out?
Here’s how:

Write down three things you’re grateful for when you wake up for seven days. If you notice you’re still overflowing with gratitude repeat this challenge three times and you’ve formed a healthy habit (it only takes 21 days). Practicing gratitude daily can have the most significant impact on your entire life. From appreciating and recognizing your breath to the impact of others around you, being grateful for this life can open up so many doors.

Easier said than done, this is just one of those things that may feel a little off until you get the hang of it. You may feel a bit embarrassed or, dare I say, cheesy when exclaiming your gratitude for the sun rising in the morning but why shouldn’t you be overjoyed by the presence of light? Maybe your list is more personal and you express to the universe through writing how grateful you are for your family, friends, and pets. Each day of this challenge, you should explore different aspects of your world; from active to passive, in-depth to superficial, and natural to artificial.

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Screenshot the template below to track your seven-day gratitude challenge on your phone! Sharing it to your social media? Tag me @bricuzisaidso !!! (I considered posting this challenge to my IG story daily however I typically write out my three things every morning during my journaling session)

created with Canva

What’s something you’re grateful for? Comment below!

cheers to challenging ourselves to be better, xo Bri

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4 thoughts on “7 Day Gratitude Challenge + Template

    1. While finding the good in the bad, we also have to understand there is bad in good too. Quarantine has allowed me a lot more time to really feel my emotions (clealy) hahaha thanks so much for reading(:


    1. I completely agree with you, since adding what started as a month long challenge into my routine, life is just absolutely wonderful. Thanks so much for checking out my post, I appreciate you!!


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