I have the world in my hands: Photowall Review

** This product was gifted by Photowall & opinions are 100% my own! **

As a young artist and indecisive Gemini, I’m constantly rearranging my bedroom art. During 2020 I decided to hang things intentionally that motivate and inspire my daily. One piece I found on Photowall’s wesbite that casually fits my bedroom aesthetic is this magnificent World Map in teal. While my bedroom has no set color scheme, I picked this piece with the thought in mind that my boyfriend and I will soon be looking for our own place! (Yeah, I’m casually sliding that big news in there, don’t mind me…) Photowall’s image library is quite extensive so I went with something what’s on my mind regularly; travel.

Photowall is a Swedish based company who specializes in creating wallpaper, prints, canvases, and posters. From an extensive selection of stock photos to custom images you can upload right from your phone, this website is a major hotspot for anyone looking to personalize their living space or with a passion for interior design. Based on what I saw while exploring, it looks like you can find a piece to fit almost every theme and color scheme! Additionally, Photowall’s company focuses on something very important to me as a consumer; their environmental impact. Each piece is made per customer order, which cuts back a ton on waste and unused inventory.

Honestly, I had no clue what I was doing when it came to the measurement section. I was like, “those seem like relatively low numbers” but low and behold, I now have a grand canvas on my hands that requires a nail in the wall and nothing less. I was even more clueless when my package arrived and I learned I had to actually put this piece together. At first the task seemed extremely daunting and I was beginning to question why I didn’t read the fine print. Fortunately for me, not only was assembling this art extremely easy, the directions were written so literally any person can do it.

I feel ever more connected with my beautifully printed, hand assembled piece so we had a little photo shoot.

Use code bricuzisaidso25 for 25% off your first Photowall order!

I recommend Photowall to anyone looking for some new, quality pieces to add to their art collection. The options available are extensive and impressive! With this holiday season approaching quickly, Photowall is the best place to go for everyone on your list. While this large piece retails at $125, this website is decked out in affordable wallpapers, prints, and posters. Need some inspiration for your first Photowall piece? Check out their Instagram here!

cheers to spreading art and love, xo Bri

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