Top 8 Tips for Bomb Head XXO

Have you ever been mentally preparing yourself to go down on your partner but psyching yourself out or doubting your skills? Wanna know a few more tricks to spice things up in the bedroom? Well, look no further! XXO gets oral on oral sex.

Photo by Joey Nicotra on Unsplash

Similarly to taking nudes, oral sex is an art form similar to dancing. Connecting with and creating someone else’s pleasure can be the most enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Naturally, our curiosity leads us to question the things we know and find if something good can get even better. Blow jobs and cunnilingus can be arousing to both the giver and the receiver if performed correctly. Here are today’s top 8 tips for bomb head:

you can talk about it

Before any touching begins, a little dirty talk is sometimes the best way to find out what your partner likes. If you’re more direct- you might try asking them how it feels when you try different things. This isn’t really the time to beat around the bush, no pun intended. Additionally, take the time to share with your partner what you enjoy as well.

get out of your head

In addition to using eye contact as an arousing connection, check in with your partner nonverbally to see how they’re doing. If they seem to enjoy what you’re doing – keep doing it. Get out of your head and enjoy the intimacy and pleasurable experience for both your partner and yourself.


The difference between teasing and consistency is the presence of pleasure. If you’re switching things up before they can get into what’s going on, you can be moving on from something that feels really good and not even know it. If you’re not getting any response for a little bit, then it’s time to change things up. (refer to point above)

make it sloppy

The bedroom is the first place you should be coloring outside of the lines. Maybe this isn’t for you and that’s totally okay too ~ if you’re nasty, be nasty. If you’re neat, be neat! Try sitting on a towel or keeping one nearby if you know things might get a bit messy. Let yourself drool, gag, make sounds, let tears roll. Don’t worry about being gross; get out of your head when giving head.

enjoy giving as much as receiving

In this world, the second best thing to an orgasm is the ability to share that mind blowing pleasure with a partner (at least top 10), and what is more arousing than watching someone melt in your mouth literally. Although you may not be receiving direct stimulation – or maybe you are – one thing the ego never wants to hear during sex is not everything is about you but maybe it’s true…Now if only we can get some of these guys on the same page.

have fun with it

Maybe the phrase “fooling around” alludes to sex because like most things in life you shouldn’t take this so seriously. The funny sounds, faces, and feelings until you find the right one are all part of the process. Playing around with your partner should be fun. Try something new or stick to what you enjoy, this pleasurable time should be enjoyable for all involved.

be comfortable

If something doesn’t feel good to either person – don’t do it. Take the time to learn what feels good for both you and your partner so this moment can be as pleasurable as possible. Adjust when you need to and be mindful of your body. The more comfortable both people are, the more enjoyable this experience will be.

press tongue down to suppress gag reflex

That’s it really; just hold your tongue down and make that magic happen!

What advice would you give yourself if you could go back to the very first time you performed oral sex? Comment below(;

cheers to finding your please, xo Bri

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