A Guide To Manifestation and the Moon

Have you ever noticed how the moon cycle affects almost every natural thing around you? From plants and animals to farmers and witches, the moon’s energy interferes with every aspect of our lives. Lately, I’ve been working with manifestation and the moon cycles and have learned individuals who chose to channel this energy can do so in a million ways. This super moon’s energy has inspired me to share what I know with others.

Thanks to AstroSeek’s Moon Calendar, I was able to find out the date, times, and zodiac signs for each cycle of the moon! With tonight’s new moon upon us before a very special full moon, here’s my guide to creating the best energy during this moon cycle:

New Moon ~ October 16, 2020

A new moon brings new beginnings, a new mindset, and new goals. This is a very reflective time to look inward at what you want in life. Plant seeds of intention during the new moon and be clear when setting goals. Shoot for the stars but remember; you will be taking action soon, now is a time for creating your vision!

My Mood Board 10/2020

Where do you see yourself at the end of this moon cycle?

Waxing Crescent Moon ~ October 17-22, 2020

During this time it’s best to write down and communicate your intentions for this moon cycle. Share with those closest to you what you intend to accomplish during this special time and make a celebration of embracing the moon’s energy together. You may begin to realize what is truly important and prioritize your actions accordingly.

What are your intentions for this moon cycle?

First Quarter Moon ~ October 23, 2020

It’s time to take action! Look at what you wrote out a few days ago and do what you need to do. Create a to-do list for the next few days toward accomplishing your goals. With positive energy, plan out the steps you will take to accomplishing your moon cycle goals. Be reasonable when scheduling your time and remember to include times for breaks and rest.

Waxing Gibbous Moon ~ October 24-30, 2020

Manifestation through action, creativity, and commitment are occurring. Now is the time to imagine you accomplishing your goals in detail. Acknowledge all you planned for will soon be exposed in your life (this is why being specific when outlining your intentions is crucial)!

Are your actions aligning with your vision board?

Full Moon ~ October 31, 2020

The full moon illuminates what you have yet to attract in your life and what you are ready to release. Consider how your actions are aligning with the intentions you set during the new moon. Also, take the time to celebrate all you’ve accomplished so far! This moon cycle isn’t over yet, so continue to enjoy receiving what you’ve manifested this moon cycle.

What is currently being exposed to you by the full moon?

Waning Gibbous Moon ~ November 1-7, 2020

After the moon’s full exposure, you’re ready to reflect. This time you will want to connect to your innermost self and be completely honest. This is an important time to remember your intentions and what you want not only from this moon cycle but life as well. Continue to spread positive energy around you during this time and be mindful of how this is affecting things around you.

In what ways are you ready to grow beyond this moon cycle?

Last Quarter ~ November 8, 2020

Release what no longer serves you. After reflecting, consider what changes might be necessary and what positive influences are currently in your life to continue working toward your moon cycle goals. While abundance may be pouring into your life due to your manifestation, it’s okay to release what is toxic, draining, and unhealthy in your life to make room for all the good.

Practice listing three things you are grateful for daily.

Waning Crescent Moon ~ November 9-14, 2020

Take time to rest and reflect on the transformation during this moon cycle. Now is a special time to practice gratitude and appreciate the abundance flowing into your life (and every day forward). Skeptics beware; we tend to only believe in what we see and sometimes are completely unaware of the signs the universe is sending us. Accept your manifestation with open arms and gratitude. Silence that self doubt by acknowledging how you showed up during this moon cycle to accomplish your goals.

What worked and didn’t work during this moon cycle that you can reflect on to make the next moon cycle just as magical?

New Moon ~ November 15, 2020

It’s time to start over again!

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What are you manifesting this moon cycle? Speak it into existence in the comments!

cheers to connecting with the universe, xo bri

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4 thoughts on “A Guide To Manifestation and the Moon

  1. Hey Bri, there are so many types of moons in one cycle! The only one I know is the full moon, and I have no idea how to recognize any of them. But alright, I have to be honest that I am not a ‘fan’ of the moon. I am not one of those who would get out of the door or even look out the window to observe a solar/lunar eclipse etc. Instead, I am more interested in the stars, and I make it a point to go stargazing whenever I travel! I’m from a small city-state, and it is almost impossible to see any stars because it’s so bright at night wherever you go.

    Thanks for sharing about how you can channel energy from the moon in this blog post! It’s quite an interesting read, have a lovely week ahead, Bri!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, I totally understand that; as a child of the sun i’m much more likely to bask under warm rays but the energy can be felt regardless! Wow, that’s really interesting. I’m learning more about stars and constellations every day and the history can be quite beautiful.

      Thank you so much for checking out my post!! I hope you have an amazing week as well(:


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