20 Fall Date Night Ideas

This cozy season calls for cute date night ideas, whether it’s one on one or with a hand full of your favorite people. While it’s important to connect with loved ones during this time, be mindful of your situation and continue to follow guidelines for your area. Please continue to practice social distancing, wear a mask, and quarantine immediately if you begin to show symptoms.

Fall safely into the vibes with these 20 date night ideas :

Picnic at the park

Pack some of your favorite snacks, a blanket, and some drinks into a basket and find the most enjoyable field to watch the sunset. Picnics are not only the best way to socially distance, this date option can also be more budget-friendly than going out to eat. Wanna take this date to the next level? Help each other prepare a few favorite dishes to enjoy with each other’s company. This date option pairs best with champagne and a splash of orange juice.

Am I missing a few? Drop them in the comments below!

Do some fruit or veggie picking

This requires a lil research to see what’s available in your area. If picking fruit or veggies isn’t an option where you live, consider going plant shopping, head to the farmers market, or have a date in your garden.

Here are some fruits and veggies in season:

Have a concert at home

Make a YouTube playlist and grab a projector; it’s time to get back into the concert scene! While COVID may have put a halt to many shows and festivals, there’s no reason you can’t host your own at home. Create a queue with yours and your dates favorite music videos and rock out all night with party favors and your favorite festival essentials; glow sticks, fun drinks, and lots of water.

Go for a hike

One of the best things about fall in Pennsylvania is the all-natural art show that takes place each season. Watching the colors change and feeling the familiar fall breeze creeping back in is one of the best ways to head into the new season. After some months spent indoors, get your blood pumping by heading out for light exercise and good company. No matter the scenery, hiking is also a great way to stay in shape with your partner or pals. Tune into nature; enjoy the health benefits of unplugging from the world for a while and surrounding yourself with those you care about.

Scary movie marathon

Compile a list with your date and bust out the popcorn machine for a scary movie marathon. Go all out with an at-home movie theater including some blankets, candy, and classic back row smooching. This date night idea sets the perfect cuddle vibe for being affection and entertained with your favorite person(s).

Pumpkin carving (after you trip to the pumpkin patch)

Get creative and make a snack with your special someone to get into the holiday spirit! After clearing the guts from your pumpkin, bake the seeds with a little sea salt and some oil at 350 degrees. Stir seeds occasionally and cook until toasted, then enjoy them while creating your masterpiece jack-o-lanterns!

Take this date to the next level by heading to the pumpkin patch together to pick out your pumpkins! Enjoy some apple cider, take cute seasonal pictures, and remember to social distance!!!

Go placking on your favorite paths

Thank you @kristsoup for the idea! Placking = picking up trash + walking. Remember to wear gloves and bring something to collect the trash in! Help keep your favorite places clean while enjoying quality time together.

Compete in a fun game night

Plan out scorecards for board games, card games, or video games, loser makes dinner! Maybe making dinner in a food competition is the game? This date night option can be fun for everyone; invite a few friends or make it a double date at home! Want to make it a special night for two? Consider playing some more intimate games like strip poker or sexy time dice to set the mood. (Did someone say bobbing for..apples?)

Visit a state park together and go for a scenic walk

An active date option for any time of day! Take a small trip to a state park neither of you has been to and enjoy the scenic walk together. Avoid paths that have heavy foot traffic and remember to stay hydrated as well.

Have a Bob Ross paint and sip night

Pick your favorite Bob Ross (or really any painting tutorial style video on YouTube), open a bottle of wine, and create some art. After all the canvases and bottles are gone, consider switching to body paint and making art more intimately. Light a few candles, lay out a sheet you wouldn’t mind getting paint on, and enjoy some finger painting fun.

Bake cookies a seasonal treat together

Photo by Cayla1 on Unsplash

Try something new together

I recently discovered my boyfriend had never done something that was just a short trip away. It was a great bonding experience and has us working our way down the list of all the other things we haven’t done. Whether it’s discovering a new place or trying out a new hobby, spend time bonding by experiencing something new together.

Face masks & chill

Have a home spa day and give each other the royal treatment. Massages, warm oils, and facials are a few ideas to incorporate during your day of affectionate relaxation. Consider taking a warm bath together filled with a bath bomb, rose petals, or bath salts. Not only is this the perfect excuse to spend the day together in robes, it’s also a wonderful way to learn your partner’s body and what you each enjoy intimately.

Take a little road trip

A little time in the car together could be the best place to bond. Plan a small trip to somewhere new with social distancing in mind; consider an arboretum, the beach, or visiting outdoor monuments. With the right company, you are sure to always have a lovely time wherever you go.

Start a garden together

This date night option requires some serious commitment and order. Keep track of what’s been planted, what the plant requires, and who will be watering it (when). Not to get ahead of myself, but this may be the best option for couples considering getting a pet or any other living being. The ability to manage raising a plant together is not only intimate and adorable, but a great way to spread some earth-loving at home.

Turn simple tasks into dates

Plan out seasonal meals together and take a trip to the grocery store or farmers market. Yes, even the most dreaded chores can become cute date night ideas with the right mindset. I feel whenever my boyfriend and I take a trip to the store as or after a date, I’m always reminded of why I fell in love with him. The ability to enjoy your partner’s company no matter the task at hand can be a very gratifying experience that may splash some gratitude in your relationship you didn’t know it needed. Get dolled up and do the simplest thing together like taking a trip to the store. Dash a little extra romance and enjoy each other’s company (while wearing a mask at the grocery store with your reusable bags of course).

Couples Book Club

Since the beginning of quarantine, the number of hours spent reading around the world has increased significantly. After Alex recommended Watchmen, it felt like we had started our own little book club. I may not be member of the year (sorry for taking so long to finish the book babe!!) but it’s been an awesome way for us to connect on things we both enjoy.

Decorate for the season

Get crafty and make some fall decorations at home together! Or plan out a small space you two would like to turn into a spooky scene at home. Collect some ideas together on Pinterest and get to it! Consider trying out D.I.Ys together and bond over your favorite parts of the season.

The last two are up to you; help me finish this list!! What’s your favorite festive date to go on during this season? Comment below with two fall date night ideas.

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Until next time, xo Bri

p.s. need some seasonal inspo? check out my fall vibes Pinterest board!

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