3 Things I Learned During Anal August

Though Slutty September has rolled in with a cool breeze, it’s important to reflect on all the lessons Anal August taught us. For those of you that don’t know; August, also known as Anal August, is an entire month dedicated to [pleasurable] anal sex. From sex gurus on social media to adult toy store’s blogs, I’m excited to share some healthy tips and tricks I learned during Anal August!

What is anal pleasure? By definition, anal sex is the insertion of a penis or toy into another person’s anus. Despite the societal trend to tarnish anal’s reputation, this type of sex can be the most pleasurable for any gender due to the stimulation of a g-spot. Don’t knock it til ya rock it.

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Here are some things you should consider before practicing pleasurable anal sex:

Walk before you run.

Similarly to any new physical practice (i.e. gymnastics, marathon running, gauging ears, etc.), it’s important to take anal one step at a time. While you may be super eager to head to pound town, your body may not be physically ready just yet. Additionally, if you are trying anal for the first time, it’s important to ease into it to avoid injury while discovering what truly feels good for you. Getting comfortable with your own body and sharing it with your partner will ultimately make the experience much more enjoyable as this is one instance where any sort of tension will not do.

A tip for using more than just the tip – Walk with a finger or two; jog with a small butt plug or toy; run with your sexual partner’s penis or a dildo.

Chill out, seriously!

It’s totally natural to get way too excited when trying something new, both the good kind of excitement and the bad. Unfortunately, any tension in your body will most likely affect your anal experience, so it’s best to be completely relaxed both physically and mentally. Studies show, one of the best times to try this is after you and your partner or toy have just fooled around and things are still kinda messy; one of the worst times to try is while submerged in a body of water.

A tip for using more than just the tip – Foreplay with the anus will be a great indication of how you really feel. Play around for a while before you really take the plunge to ease into the experience in a pleasurable way.

Do what feels good for you.

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As with all types of sex and life in general, you should always do what feels good and right to your body. Sure, videos and blog posts may be a good reference point but all of our bodies are different. Listen to your pleasure points and do what feels good for you. While discovering this new pleasure with your partner, it’s extremely important to have open communication so all parties involved can enjoy the experience. There’s really only so many different ways to say it: do what feels good for you.

A tip for using more than just the tip – Lube.

(That’s it, that’s the tip.)

For more information on healthy and pleasurable anal sex, here are some resources I discovered during Anal August:

Anal Sex Safety: Everything You Need to Know | Healthline

10 Tips For An Awesome Anal August | Sexpert

Anal August Archives |Kinkly

cheers to knowing more about our bodies, xxo Bri

*Studies referred to in this post are my own personal experiences and I am definitely not an anal expert. If you are, please hit me up! We have so many questions still…(:

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