Iconic: @fit_blonde_mj

Hey bumblebee, it’s time for the first installment of the Iconic Individuals Series! I hope you’re all as excited as I am. After taking some time to work out the details, I’m finally ready to get the ball rolling and cannot wait to let you know about some amazing boss babes!

Every once in a while, I get so lucky to come across an inspirational and supportive blogging friend. One creator that’s stood out to me since finding her on Instagram is Mikaela; her positive, warrior energy is so motivating that I knew I just had to be her social media pal.

Mikaela is the creator of the blog A Blonde in the Crowd which I would describe as an inspirational and motivational lifestyle blog. I knew since I began this series that I wanted Mikaela to be the first Boss Babe featured. After speaking with her a few times, I felt so empowered and loved the energy she’s always sending out.

Luckily I was able to ask her a few questions awhile back so we could all get to know her a little better.

I knew we were birds of a feather when I asked Mikaela what message she was hoping to send out through her blog. Her response;

“I want to share that it’s okay to be real and human. That we should normalize feelings and emotions. That it’s okay to not be okay all the time and it’s okay to talk about how your feeling and reach out for help. I just want to be a safe space where people can be themselves and hopefully find comfort in my posts. “

As I saw Mikaela helping others while helping her self, I knew we were a lot alike. I’m grateful to have found such an amazing blogging friend in this vast field.

Here are three posts from her website that we both would recommend:

Broke and Beautiful

The Quilt

You Can Be Both

Want to see more of this amazing Boss Babe?
Photo by @jcoonphotography

Website: ablondeinthecrowd.wordpress.com

Instagram: @fit_blondie_mj

Twitter: @fit_blondie_mj

Facebook: ablondeinthecrowd

Pinterest: Mikaela Jaquette

Who’s one Boss Babe you’ve been inspired by lately?

Drop a comment with the name of another Boss Babe you’d like to see featured on Bri Cuz, I Said Sol!

Cheers to supporting other amazing individuals in our blogging community,

xo Bri

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